Hi there im Clariet from Zimbabwe.Im an energetic lady looking for work as a domestic worker,office cleaner,baby sitter from Monday to Friday.I have got good references you wont regret hiring me as im very good at what i do.Please contact me on 0677934267.Thank you.

I'm Wimbayi looking for domestic job on the estate or surrounding area.Monday to Friday contact me on 0626730159

Reference contact Progress on

0847336077. im ready to start anyday

Eness is looking for domestic work on Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Please contact her on 0643308160

Please contact Samantha for references on 0836843404

Malawian gentleman looking for work on the estate.

Symon is currently employed by myself and another homeowner.

He is very reliable, meticulous in his work ethic and an honest man.

Available for general garden work, & or painting.  Loves animals so can also take

Your dogs for a walk during the day.

Days available are every Friday, and Wednesday & Thursdays – fortnightly.

Call Jenny for references 083 3000739, or Symon on 073 3523613.

My gardener Rafa is looking for work on a Wednesday and Saturday.

I can provide a good reference as he's worked for me for years.

My cell number for a reference is 0793678758 or alternatively, you can e-mail me at

Grace will be looking for work for 2 days a week, she works on the estate the other 3 days in the week.

The days she has available Tuesday & Thursday.

Grace Mobile 078 643 5941 she is from Zimbabwe , Age 44yrs.

My contact number (Sheila) is 072 369 4866 or 021 553 3576

Hi, my name is Wimbayi .Im an energetic Zimbabwean lady looking for a domestic job Monday to Friday .I’m willing to start any day .Dont hesitate to contact me or whatsaap me on 0627630159.

John is a fantastic gardener and has free days on a Tues, Thursday and Friday. Please contact him on 0617207831or contact me for references on 0836580302

Virginia who has worked for me for the past year she has free days on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during the week. She is reliable, trustworthy, reads, writes etc. Please contact her directly on 0730327520 or message me if you want a wonderful reference on her on  0836580302

Denise, our stunning au pair who used to look after my children, including fetching them from school, taking to extra murals, assisting with homework, lunch etc. is looking for a full-time position from July onwards. Please contact her on 0742070105 or me on 0836580302 for a full reference. Shareen

Lisa is our trustworthy experienced domestic worker for Zimbabwe. She is looking for an extra day (Fridays) work on the Estate. Please call here on 0677626016. For references call Estelle at 0824158806.

My Malawian gardener,Sopane is looking for work on Wednesday’s or Thursdays.

Very honest and hardworking. Working for me for two years and is good with lawns and hedges, and does general handy work as well.

Recommend highly.

Please contact Tania for reference at 0825657069 or Sopane at 062 5674842

Seeking a reliable gardener/driver with valid work permit for permanent employment on Atlantic Beach Estate.

Please email

Looking for the absolute BEST housekeeper for 1 day a week?

You will find it in Zelda, who works for myself & 3 other families on the estate all of which are happy to give references.

Zelda is a wonderful addition to any family & household & has been the most reliable, diligent, trustworthy & honest employee I could have wished for for over 4 years!

Please contact Chacey on 0762722176 for all reference details & Zeldas contact number.

My name is Abigail am looking for weekend char or baby sitting after hours.l do stay here in the Estate full time.l do have references as contact number is 0626575187

My name is Calvin from Malawi, I am an experienced carpenter looking for a full time job. I can also do gardening or any job available, I am a hard worker, honest, eager to learn fast and friendly. contact me on 0627936274

Sarah is an experienced Zimbabwian domestic worker and/or child minder who has been working for us full time on the estate for the past 3 years. She has a valid work permit. Owing to our circumstances changing, she is now looking for work once to twice a week. She is a good cleaner, excellent ironer, and is very good with children of all ages, from birth to 7 years old. She is honest, trustworthy and 100% reliable. For more information, please call 082 772 0274.

My gardener handyman Ronald is looking for work on Wednesday and Thursdays - good guy, works well and he’s great with dogs - reliable and efficient!
082 465 0727


Evodia has experience working in a four star establishment. She is reliable, honest, hard working, has a pleasant demeanor and a pleasure to work with. I can highly recommend her. She is requiring extra days work during the week or weekend. Contact her on
063 3382 735 or
063 1933 288.


Agnes Gondwe is a Malawian domestic worker in her 40’s. She is honest, reliable, punctual and extremely hard-working. She is simply an exceptionally good domestic ! She needs work on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You are welcome to call her on 021-5534132 on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Honest, reliable and very friendly lady Sisi is looking for any work as a char lady / nanny in the estate or Melkbos and surrounding areas. Please contact Sisi on 071 809 7953

Grace Madzande is from Zimbabwe and works at Atlantic Beach 3 days a week but is looking for house work on Monday and Friday.  Reference Jenny 072 554 5692

My name is Nosy I'm 37 yrs old.looking for fulltime job stay in or stay out.I'm a hard worker honest and reliable .I have traceable references. Please contact me 0665963148

I am a 33 year old Zimbabwean lady looking for a part time or full time baby sitting/house cleaning job. I am good with children and can help them with their homework.

you can contact Liz on 0748193878

I have a Malawian domestic worker who has a Monday open on the Estate. She is reliable, hard-working and honest.

She has worked for me for a number of years. If you need a reference, please do not hesitate to contact me.

June Hanks 0836793153

We are looking for a dog walker for our two very friendly labrador puppies - perhaps someone already walking other dogs on the estate? Our contact number is 0837986054

Fantastic Au Pair available in Atlantic Beach Golf Estate. Bianca is an experienced Au Pair that can help you with your children during the week. Tailored packages provided to suit your schedule. Available immediately.
Collects your kids from school
Drops off at extra murals
Assists with home work and projects
Prepares lunches and more!
Call: 0769095276 or

Looking for a reliable gardener for 1 day a week on a Friday, with valid work permit and bank account.

Please contact -Tracy @ 073 240 5606.

My Name is Pauline Nhau seeking for a party time job as a nanny for the whole month of April.I do have contacteble  references. My phone number is 0843815466.Thank you.

My work cleaner, Rabia is looking for an additional two days a week housework. She is very reliable, honest and hardworking. Contact Bronwyn, 0834124557 or email

I can recommend Jaco April for irrigation, repairing and maintenance and garden work.

Call Jaco April on 078 203 2211.

He has 15 years of experience with irrigation and comes fully recommended.

He has been helping us for the past 8 years.

For a reference by somebody living on the estate call me on 082 82 63 171. Christa

I am seeking a houseboy/domestic must be able to sleep-in, he or she must be reliable, honest, hardworking and friendly. Please contact me,  Naz on 079 495 0790 or 021 553 0870.

My name is Austin.  I'm a Malawian guy aged 32 looking for Sunday work. I'm honest and reliable and I have contactable references. Contact me on this number 0780801741


Rose our trustworthy home manager is looking for work. She is very hard working, on time and reliable and can work without supervision.

She has been working for us for 2 years on Friday and Monday’s.

Rose 061) 227 5800 or Freda 0820822798


My Malawian gardener seeks employment on the Estate Mondays or Saturdays and alternate Thursdays. In the more than 3 years he has worked for me, he has proven to be highly reliable, trustworthy and is able to work well unsupervised. He also has a good feel for the Estate’s particular plants. Please contact Keith for more information / reference at or 083 272 1584.

Mpho has been working for me while my nanny is on leave and is an incredible employee. She is from Zimbabwe and goes beyond the call of duty. She is honest, incredibly reliable and cleans like an absolute dream. Please Contact either myself, Kris on 0718718829 via WhatsApp or Mpho directly on 0844943371

Mature and highly experienced Executive Au pair seeking future family as of end Feb/beginning March 2019, due to my current employers imminent emigration. My experience is from new born till early teens. I'm excellent at delegating and over seeing staff, managing property, driving, running all errands, micromanagement etc. I have great recommendations available, and look forward to getting in touch with a wonderful family. For a recommendation from my current employer, please call Laura on 079 889 5197, or contact me on 082 950 9496. Nicole

My name is Sandra I'm a Zimbabwean lady looking for a job as a domestic worker,Im available every day & have got references. I am very reliable & trustworthy.My phone number is 0629146079.

RELIABLE RONALD! My amazing gardener / doggie walker / handyman is available every 2nd Monday and Tuesday. He’s great with dogs and with general repairs. Happy to provide more info 082 465 0727 Karen

My name is Laureen I'm 35 yrs .I'm looking for nanny job I'm very good with children i have 5 yrs experience working with children .please contact me or whatsapp me on 0846731316.

I have contactable references

Personal Carer & Domestic Support

Full day 5 days/week.

Looking for help to support with the care of my husband in his daily tasks, washing, shaving, dressing, going for walks, help with eating AND domestic support.

Frail care and any medical experience or training will be advantageous.

References and criminal check will be required.

Contact Ingrid on 083 677 0075

My helper Ayanda from Zimbabwe (with valid work permit) is looking for work on Saturdays in the estate. She has been working full time for us for 4 years and I can strongly recommend her. She is diligent, reliable and hardworking.For references please contact me on 083 981 0173 Ayanda’s contact number is 078 927 1391

We are emigrating and looking for a new job for Patience. She is a lovely person, works hard, great with people and especially loves dogs! She is currently available 2 days a week and will be available full time from 1 June 2019. Call me on 0829022316 Wilmé Nel 082 902 2316