Sicily Cooking Tour

Sicily Cooking Tour – Limited space still available!

On this 8-day tour we discover Sicily through food! The largest of the Italian islands, it boasts beautiful landscapes and a fascinating past. Sicilian cookery is very much embedded in the history of the island. Various civilizations – Greek, Roman, Arabs, Normans, Spanish, and British – have left their mark. From a gastronomic point of view, the influence of these invaders is still very much in evidence today.

On this tour you will learn to cook like an Italian from a passionate local chef and completely immerse yourself in the flavours of Sicily. You will be based in the south east of the island, in a region famous for its gastronomic specialities: Pachino grows juicy tomatoes, Avola produces almonds and wine, Ragusa is famous for Caciocavallo cheese and Modica for chocolate made from an ancient Aztec recipe.

Join South African radio presenter and “foodie”, Martelize Brink, from 24 September to 31 October 2017 on this fascinating culinary exploration.