Let’s chat Security – by Gary Lewis

3june2016-4If you’re struggling to get access codes, please follow the below procedures before contacting me at the security office.

1) Am I registered with ABHOA to request pre-cleared sms

2) Am I sending the sms in the correct format, ie ab 1 to 34481 or 35431

3) Am I sending the sms as ab space 1 and not ab1

4) Is my delivery report on

5) Is my phone on English language

6) In the case of Pre-paid and top-up packages, do I have enough AIRTIME, not sms bundles but Airtime

If you answered yes to the above, take the following steps.

  • Phone my service provider and ensure that Premium sms service is working. Sometimes the agents are just too lazy and say yes. If they insist it is loaded, ask them to deactivate it and then re-activate it. Ask for a reference number for the call. You may need to give them the short code number you are trying to send the sms to.
  • If you have done a sim swop, normally Premium sms is not carried through. You will need to request it, network dependent.
  • If you are on a Cell C controlled Chat package, we have had many instances whereby Cell C does not enjoy loading this sms function. Insist that it gets loaded.
  • If you have done a Port to another network, you need to ensure that Premium sms is loaded.
  • You cannot request a code using your dual/secondary sim card. It must be done from the primary sim.
  • Depending on how your phone is set up, if you send the request and are in an area with little or no network coverage, the network may attempt to send the sms 3 times, if it has no luck it won’t attempt to send it again.
  • If you still cannot get access codes, record the exact time and date when you last tried to send the sms, and inform me via email at security.manager@abhoa.co.za


Remember to request a code well in advance, you have the option to request a code up to 30 days in advance.

ABHOA and Secsyst Access Pty ltd have no authority to request the premium sms service activation on your behalf to your Cellular network provider.