Employee Profile- Slammert Blom

17june2016-3Slammert Blom wakes up early on Sunday mornings to pray, and then the 49-year-old cooks up a storm before heading to church. Also an accomplished baker, Blom’s speciality is a decadent chocolate cake.

He was taught how to cook, bake, clean, iron and more, by his late mother whom he describes as being “an amazing, strong, hardworking woman.”

Blom was born in Richmond, a town in the central Karoo, and is the youngest of eight siblings. He came to Atlantis in 1984 to complete high school, and this is where he met his wife Moira – who inspires him with her unwavering devotion to the Lord.

Before coming to ABE two years ago, Blom worked as a machine operator in a factory and as a building maintenance assistant. While he enjoys his job on the Estate, as his love for gardening harkens back to his youth in the Karoo, Blom finds purpose in his work for God in the community.

Married for 27 years, Moira and Blom have four bright children – two girls and two boys. His youngest son of 14 is musically-gifted and is thriving at school.

In his younger days, Blom was quite the sportsman. He earned provincial colours in athletics, competing in the 100m and 200m, and used that speed on the rugby field too.

His dream is to see his children and grandchildren gain financial independence, and he prays daily for a bright future for them all.