Employee Profile- Clive Snyman

23jun16-8Clive Snyman (33) is fascinated by Martial Arts and dreams of one day travelling to China to master the art of Kung Fu, under the traditional training of Shaolin monks.

“When you watch Bruce Lee movies and he takes on three or four guys at the same time – I would like to do that!” he chuckles.

He’s been working on the Estate as a security officer for almost 18 months after seven years at Augusta Place in Sunningdale. What’s the best part of his job? “Keeping people safe!”

Clive is studying supply chain management on a part-time basis and he’s aiming his ninja stars at a bookkeeping course next with the goal of achieving financial stability before settling down with a family of his own.

An Atlantis resident, Clive enjoys healthy cooking, going to the beach and watching movies – especially the Karate ones! He also enjoys his role as the nippy scrumhalf in his church’s rugby team.

Clive’s mind is as sharp as his roundhouse kick, as evidenced by his formidable chess game. “I used to do school tournaments, but now only have the time to occasionally play at the library. I love the concentration and strategic thinking that is needed to make decisions, especially in recovery and retaliation.”